Welcome to Swedish artist Marcus Mac Carlsson

Marcus Mac Carlsson

Marcus Carlsson, an internationally successful artist, who has already
attracted a great deal of attention in a short period of time. He won several
awards, among others in 2016 the “International Art Prize” Uffizi – Florence ”
and the” Tiepolo – Arte Milan “.
After exhibitions in Florence, the MAMAG (Modern Art Museum Austria), the
Expo “Carrousel du Louvre” Paris, and exhibitions in New York, Washington,
Milan and Shanghai,Berlin. He has many facets.
Originally a professional photographer working all over Europe, his main
focus in the last decade shifted increasingly to painting. In this field, his works
won prizes, and he has made a name for himself on 3 continents.
Marcus born in 1977 in Teckomatorp, Sweden. I discovered the painting
rather late, in 2009 when I attended a 5-day summer course in drawing. From
the very first moment I was in love and could not stop to sketch. At that time it
was only pencil and charcoal.
In autumn 2011 I started painting with color. First painting was called simply
«The fruit». It was exhibited once in Lund, Sweden. Even though I have no art
I always say that I just follow my heart.

Explanation of my art

Art as I do it today is a mixture of the COBRA movement and action painting
of the abstract expressionism. My vision of the abstract art is the chaos and
the strictness combined giving a depth to a painting and that is what I always
add to any series of my paintings. When I give a name to my art I also send a
message with it and that means a lot to me. There are always one or more
boxes in the paintings, it comes from my background as a photographer
where an image is composed of square "pixels".
I worked as a photographer over 10 years all over Europe and here you can
find some of my works that I have done since year 2000.

The Samsara collection are exhibited in Odense, Denmark

(Samsara no:1, 68 H x 110 W x 2,5 cm)

Samsara comes from Sanskrit and means "to flow together", "to pass through
different stages" or "to wander".
Buddhism does not count on the existence of any soul in samsara, since
Buddhism does not believe in an enduring self (anatman). Buddhism speaks
of cause and effect instead. This life and its karma is a cause for the next life,
which becomes effect.
Buddhism views existence as a constant cycle of rebirth. Rebirth can take
place in many different places and lifestyles, including gods, titans, humans,
animals, ghosts, and hell creatures. Samsara is said to miss the beginning,
and its only ending is nirvana / enlightenment. Creatures in worlds lower than
the human world (ghosts / animals / hell creatures) experience practically only
suffering, while beings in higher worlds than the human world (gods / titans)
experience overwhelming enjoyment. According to Buddhism, the human
world is the most optimal, since people can experience both pleasure and
suffering, and most easily realize the fundamental nature of reality without
being distracted by too much suffering or pleasure.
What I have experienced and seen in my experience in life and nature,
everything flows together.
We use the term goes around & comes around today and this person has bad
Today we just strive for more and do not think about the consequences and
come in a circle of stress of all materialistic things and social media and just
to find happiness or joy.
This series of paintings that are very color strong and want to show off a form
of warmth and joy and everything is in one and we can see today what
happens on the other side of the globe and we also get a reaction to this with
and we can look at the climate issue and everything is in one under our blue
roof. What do you do with your life for the next generation and the next.

Read more about Marcus Carlsson and see his other collections at: www.artbymac.se 

We are very much looking forward to show his Samsara exhibition here in Odense, Denmark.