Camilla West ( b. 1969 )

Camilla is educated at Funen Art Academy, Denmark in 1991-97.
West's oil paintings of landscapes, usually from the southern region of Denmark, are both simple and courageous in their impressionistic and minimal expression. One line or an arched strokes on the canvas and we see the horizon or the contures of the landscape. 
The works emanates a calm and silent yet very strong voice which is furthermore seen in the bold palette and contrasts of colors.
Dark blues are put opposite delicate pink salmon and poppy red opposite black and light blue.
Getting familiar with West´s body of work one recognizes the true character of the artist´s play with textuality and very thick layers of paint carefully placed on the canvases. It is with the few and understated details that West is best and comes alive as a painter with a unique artistic expression and understanding of the specific genre.
Camilla West takes her inspiration from what she sees and experiences. From the everyday life and the changes of seasons - and with that changes of mother nature´s colors. The personal is captured as condensed images and thoughts in painterly form. 

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