Dante Galic ( b. 1996 )

Dante is a young Bosnian man, who has lived in Denmark for 20 years. 
Despite his young age, Dante has already been very successful in his art. From the age of 18 he became a part of some of the biggest danish art collections and is growing a fan base every year. 

In 2019 Dante had a sold-out art fair in Tokyo.  

In 2020 Dante have had a big solo exhibition in Berlin, where he lives and works from now. 

His style is inspired by Goya, with a combination of surrealism and a big fascination of comic books. 
Some of his trademarks in his works are Jester and Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. 

Galleri Nijenkamp is proud to represent this young inspiring artist and can already announce a big double solo exhibition at Galleri Nijenkamp in September 2020 together with his studio buddy, Andreas Richert. Together they will exhibit works with the theme "Circus". 

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