Jan Esmann (b. 1960 )

Jan Esmann is a danish artist based in Copenhagen.
Esmann studied art restoration at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and his influence is evident in his works; skills and and technique, great attention to detail and use of figurative elements. 
However, the way he treats "the people" in his paintings is anything but traditional. 
The figures on canvas have a peculiar duplicity. 
On one hand they are treated as objective objects, often doubled, and are just a part of the bizarre and surreal landscape. On the other hand, the faces of the characters are very expressive, bursting with emotion. 
In private, Esmann is very invovled in spirituality and says; "that although his works are figurative for the most part, he sees them as abstract; as a new approach to abstract painting." 
- Jan Esmann
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