Oliver & Hans 
is an artist group established in 2007, that consists of Oliver Abbey (Denmark) and Hans Kim (South Korea).
They use different media to create art, including painting, drawing, prints and installations.
The works of Oliver & Hans circle around the interactions between construction and deconstruction of the figurative and abstract.
This process results in themes, shapes and motives, which are selected by the artists in cooperation and
form the basis of their works.
The works of Oliver & Hans communicate in a universal language
with colours and shapes as the DNA of the works.
Hans Kim graduated from the University of the Arts in London
with a BA Illustration, today he lives and works in South Korea.
Oliver Abbey lives and works in Denmark and graduated from
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture,
Design and Conservation - MA Visual Communication and the
University of the Arts London - BA Information Design. 

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