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Call Girl

Crystal Feet

Porcelain lungs 01

Porcelain lungs 02

Lying woman

Petrol cans

Car tires

Loungs x-ray

Ceramics jacket child

Ceramics jacket adult

Feed me!

My disease in disguise

About Birgitte Christens

Christens has increased her proficiency in ceramics through the years, epsecially in her stays at different Art Residencies in, among other, China, Japan and the Netherlands, where most of her ceramic works are made. Here, she has accumulated knowledge, and learnt different techniques from the different parts of the world that also shows in her works. - In particular, you can highlight her porcelain lungs which are made with Japanese transfer print and techniques.

The focal points in Christens works the last many years have been the body and climate, including, among other, air pollution and modern diseases in general.
Her 9 acknowledged ceramic jackets have been displayed at, among other, Kunsthal Århus, and will be displayed at Koldinghus in 2021.

Christens has received multiple acknowledged art grants for her work, among these she has received 4 grants from The Danish Arts Foundation, and a total of 22 magazines and newspapers have released articles about Christens work. Among the newspapers and magazines that have released articles about her are Berlingske Tidende, Weekendavisen, Politikken, and last but certainly not least, American Huffington Post.

Other than this she has also been in the news in Sweden, Spain and TV2 News in Denmark.

The price level which is set at her exhibition at Galleri Nijenkamp 2021, is only valid for the rest of the year.

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