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Dante Galic, 25 years old. (HR)
Despite his young age, Dante has already been very successful in his art.

From the age of 18, his art became a part of some of the largest Danish art collections. His style is inspired by Goya with a combination of surrealism and a great fascination with comics.

Dante is one of the first in the world to ''go green'' with all his materials.
The pigments are mixed themselves, the canvases are made of organic linen or hemp, the watercolour paper is recycled, and the wood for clamping is from Europe.
Some of the used frames for his watercolours are 100% up-cycle and made of boat wood from Indonesia. 

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Dante Galic
Born 1996
Nationality Croatian 
Live and work in Odense, Denmark 

Winner of 2021 award "Koloniens kunstnere 2021" Hercegovina. 
Finalist in 2021 "Global Art Awards 2021 Tokyo Edition"

Resumé of life

Born and raised in Denmark, but lost citizenship in 2021 and is now Croatian. 
Has painted since 6 years old. 
Autodidact artist with a love and passion for neogrotesque style. 
Inspired by the Old Masters. 
Mushrooms over coke. 
Working with green materials because I give a fuck. 
I work 7 days a week to keep my sanity. 
I love my Gallerist.... 

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