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Sussi Trampedach

Sussi Trampedach is the daughter of the well-known artist Kurt Trampedach and the award-winning children's book illustrator and author Dorte Karrebæk Dalgaard. Such an artistically fertile environment has left its mark; but Sussi's unique idiom clearly stems from a source over which neither genes nor learning are master of.

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Sussi Trampedach

Sussi Trampedach was born into an artistic world with both of her parents living in a world of art and creativity.

Sussi Trampedach uses events in the surrounding world in her art, often the close encounter between people, and she describes her style as figurative contemporary art with a critical twist.

Sussi Trampedach works on canvases, on which a Veronaglit mass is first laid, which is sanded after drying. The figure or figures are then sketched out, after which the actual painting process with acrylic paint begins. Then leaf silver, gold and copper are applied, and finally the works are varnished in selected places, which gives the images an elegant, sparkling sheen.

Sussi tells that she experiences humans as refined animals, with the same drives and needs as the fauna of the world. That her figures are often people with animal features, dressed in beautiful robes, is no coincidence. Sussi Trampedach also deals with fashion and clothing design, and there is inspiration to be found in the glossy fashion magazines. On the canvas, it turns into glamor at a very high level with a challenging, gifted twist.

Sussi Trampedach's works contain many contradictions. Love and hate, power and powerlessness, insecurity and anxiety are just some of the emotions that Sussi Trampedach tries to illustrate. She does it in her very own way, where the output becomes a provocative, multi-faceted beauty. Although her works in no way seem tutty, there is a devilish immediacy that is extremely captivating.

When did you start painting? 
"I have not painted myself before I went to a seminar in 2006, by chance, a picture was painted. It was at that time my artistic year opened. In the first few years I painted mostly to disconnect from the world around me.
My works suddenly became more and more aware and I discovered, that I was thrilled to be in a universe where I could be allowed to give something of myself through art. Through my collaboration with Galleri Nijenkamp, ​​there has been extremely great interest in my works"

What characterizes your art? 
"The characteristics of my art is; That my characters are often human beings. They are dressed in beautiful clothes that help them shield themselves from the outside world. The beautiful exterior saves the less beautiful interior. An inner that contains feelings, thoughts and dilemmas that our society has made shameful and forbidden feelings. All people possess both bright and dark sides. Most people suppress the dark feelings. My goal is to adhere to the feelings and relate to them and learn to live with them." Sussi Trampedach Explains 

What does your art say? 
"I want to tell a story about people. I experience people as refined animals but basically with the same drives. I feel great tenderness for the figures I paint. It's not just self portraiture, but kind of a portrait of all of us. Of the feelings and distresses that life can imply. Some may find my works provocative. I'm of the opinion, but it may be because many people find it difficult to recognize their own demons and do not really want to be reminded of it. At times, I sometimes find it hard to relate to my own demons, but it actually helps to paint them. They become an illustrated feeling that takes place." Sussi concludes considerably

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