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Birgitte Christens  

(Born 1982)

Vernissage on Friday 30 th of April 2021 from 15:00 - 19:00

Birgitte Christens
Can you breathe? 

In a upcoming solo exhibition at Galleri Nijenkamp, ​​the Danish ceramicist Birgitte Christens focuses on the diseases that has arisen as a result of a polluted climate.

She says “Diseases are the main theme of my upcoming exhibition, as a polluted environment makes us sick. Both on the physical and on the mental level. Diseases arising from air pollution, toxic foods, heredity, etc., which I want to emphasize when addressing the environmental pressures of our bodies.”

Birgitte continues, "especially lung diseases, caused by various reasons, is my "engaging" point of view. Lungs are wildly fascinating on both a physical and mental level and in metaphorical narratives. Lungs are the overlooked organ rather than the heart or stomach. Love is in the heart, and always follow your gut. But for me, it is stuck in the lungs. They are the ones who give us oxygen to the heart and where we feel our strength and freedom, as well as lack of the same.”

Birgitte Christens "Lungs'' Copyright Birgitte Christens

Birgitte Christens "Lungs'' Copyright Birgitte Christens

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