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Mette Ravn graduated ceramic art and design at The Danish School of Design in Kolding, as the last ceramic team in 2007. Furthermore, she has completed multiple courses in Metal - and Silverworks during the 2010s. Since 2007 she has worked from her workshop situated in Kolding, Denmark. 

Kommende udstilling med værker af Sussi Trampedach oktober 2021, hvor Mette Ravns skulpturer også vil være vist frem. 
Mette Ravn vil også være deltagende på gruppeudstillingen med keramik i november. 

Om Mette Ravn

The Vessels
The vessels are created in 2020 during the lockdown and have never been exhibited.
From the very first encounter, it was a sincere passion and love for clay.
What is relevant and most important to me is the inner, real value of the material that I am using. The works should show their authentic characteristics. Without any compromises, they are a statement of the clay’s pliability. The extreme docility and yet so strong - that is what makes the vessels distinctive gracefulness far from ordinary.

Artist Statement 
Dialogues are my sculptural statement about the way we misuse the freedom of expression and have forgotten the beauty of a genuine dialogue. The Dialogues are vessel-shaped objects, in wavy pattern shapes, without prior destination. Clay pieces joined together on freehand with focus on how and where to join the next piece of clay as a result of a dialogue between the clay and I. They are also three-dimensional bodies interacting and creating ’’white spaces” to form their own communication. An embodiment of feelings of respect, cohesion, unbiased and candid. My emotional hopes become bodies of work embracing the dialogue of fair-mindedness.
My perspective were to create objects where the viewer senses the underlying intimacy of the interaction between the clay and I in the process of making. How the clay talked, and how I had to listen to create. The concept was to embrace some uncertainty in the creativity and trust the clay, with fear, that it might undermine the outcomes. Of course, decisions would have to be made by me, but I wanted the clay to play an important role in the decision-making. Emphasising the so forgotten qualities of a good conversation and dialogue between people.


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