Galleri Nijenkamp has reopened in 2018 with a new concept

Galleri Nijenkamp is a Danish art gallery, which opened for the first time in March 2013.
The gallery, which has been closed since March 2015 after two exceptional years of permanent artists, 1000 square meters and changing exhibitions year-round, re-opens on 1.02.2018 under a new, modern and mobile exhibition concept.
Galleri Nijenkamp has resumed cooperation with the renowned Danish artist Sussi Trampedach and opened the gallery for the first time under the new concept with an exhibition of Sussi Trampedach's imaginative, figurative and aesthetic works. 
With the new concept, Galleri Nijenkamp does not go the traditional way when it comes to art exhibitions.
"We want to arrange different kind of pop-up exhibitions to give contemporary art a dynamic framework.
Galleri Nijenkamp will not be a traditional gallery, but will work with the art and the artists in a different and modern way." - Line Nijenkamp.
The gallery will have office in the old gallery building on Kratholmvej.
In the office there will always be an opportunity to be presented with the latest artworks of our artists and a talk about art.
Galleri Nijenkamp is still visionary about the art industry, and the gallery's goal is - in a creative and accessible way - to reach out and enrich people's lives with the world of art and possibilities.
We are therefore looking forward to welcoming you to Galleri Nijenkamp anno 2018.