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Susan Bach Andersen - "Narren/Earth Overshoot Day"

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Sculpture by Susan Bach Andersen
Aluminum mounted on steel foot
DKK 13.000

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"The fool is traditionally the only person at the court who can tell it inconvenient truth ... without losing your head ...; o)
Here he appears before the court with a rampant model of our globe. He stands with one hand on his heart, for it is a matter that lies his heart close. And with gears that symbolize our industrial revolution, integrated into the his body - he sarcastically balances the worn globe on his fuck finger In recent years, TV2 News has been running a small scroll in August 2019, which was about Earth Overshoot Day - the day of the year when we exceed sound use of the planet's resources.
Freely quoted: This week in August we have used up the planet's resources for the rest of the year. For several years it ran the scrolling text without further comment. Fortunately, there is now a greater focus on our over-consumption. It's high time - for this year (2019), Earth Overshoot Day dropped already on July 28.
And for Denmark; we are in a doubtful 12th place on the list of countries that consume the most / wear the most on the planet's resources. If all countries consumed as we do, Earth would Overshoot Day falls as early as March.

Fool / Earth Overshoot Day is thus a call for continued reflection and new action."